/22 Fact About Cats You Must Know
22 Fact About Cats You Must Know

22 Fact About Cats You Must Know

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22 Fact About Cats You Must Know. Cats are popular as a pet. People keep them to play with them and do love with them. Their presence in the home makes people happy. But there are some facts about these cats which people do not know.

We have already discussed dog facts. If you want to know about dog facts, visit that page of the article. These facts may be good or bad but you should know the cat facts.

Cat facts are very interesting as compare to dog facts. So, let us inform you about most of the cat facts. These facts apply on almost all the breeds of cat.

22 Fact About Cats You Must Know
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22 Fact About Cats You Must Know is :

Following are the cat facts.

  1. Cats are able to produce almost 100 different sounds. On the other hand, dogs cannot produce more than 10 different sounds.
  2. Street cats are kind of aggressive cats. Due to high aggression, cats bite almost 40,000 people in the United States per year.
  3. There are some countries which like to eat cats. In Asia, 3-4 million cats are eaten per year.
  4. We know that coats, boots and other things are made of animal’s skin. 22-24 cat skins together can make a coat.
  5. It is scientifically proved that cats don’t have sweet teeth.
  6. Cats hearing the quality is much better than dogs. That’s why a cat can easily feel and hear rodent’s movement and sounds.
  7. Cats are of high speed in running. Their top speed is about 49 kilometers per hour.
  8. Cats give birth to almost two to nine kittens which is really a big amount. As their size is low but the kittens’ number is too much.
  9. Siberian tiger is known as the biggest cat in the world.
  10. Cat’s behavior, walking style, paws, eyes, face, and mustaches are similar to big cats (Lion and tiger).
  11. Black colored cat is considered as the sign of bad luck. Whenever people see a black cat, they try to avoid it. People think that something bad happens whenever they face a black cat.
  12. The Persian cat is known as the most popular cat among all the breeds of cats.
  13. Cats are able to jump high. Their jump is five times higher than their own height.
  14. It is estimated that 20 muscles of cats control their ears.
  15. Female cats are right handed or pawed.
  16. Male cats are left-handed or pawed.
  17. Cat memory is much stronger than dogs. They remember everything they do.
  18. Cat’s body does not sweat. They only sweat through their paws.
  19. Cats are unable to taste sweetness.
  20. Cats spend their one-third of the time in cleaning themselves.
  21. Cats are so sensitive in feeling any vibration. It is estimated that cats can feel an earthquake 10 minutes before humans do.
  22. Cats have a quality of drinking sea water.
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These were some of the important facts of cats. There could be many other facts that are not mentioned above.

But these facts are very interesting. You can find these facts little strange but these facts are true.

If you are having a pet cat, start noticing these facts in your cat. You will enjoy and happy to see these facts in your cat.

These were some of the best cats which have a cool, beautiful, friendly and respectable attitude towards all the humans and especially owners.

Therefore, you must choose from the following cats to buy as a pet. You will find these cats very friendly and lovable.

People have their family and children in their house. So, most of the people prefer friendly and lovable pets.

So, all the families prefer to have a sweet, calm, friendly and playful cat.


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