/3 Type Pet Cats Lifespan You Must Know
3 Type Pet Cats Lifespan

3 Type Pet Cats Lifespan You Must Know

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3 Type Pet Cats Lifespan. Every living thing in the world has some lifespan/lifetime. Every living thing dies after that specific lifetime. However, some living things even die before their expected lifetime.

In the same way, pet cats also have a lifespan. This lifespan could be increased or decreased depending on different things.

If you are having a pet cat and don’t know about the lifespan of your cat then read the article. Let us tell you about the lifespan of indoor cats and outdoor cats.

3 Type Pet Cats Lifespan is :

1. Indoor 

Those cats which are someone’s pet have approximately lifespan of 15 to 20 years. Yes, cats could live up to 20 years. Indoor cats have approximately more lifespan as compare to outdoor.

It is because of good food, better grooming, and better security. Indoor cats are safe from any kind of dangerous street dogs.

If indoor cats face or suffer any disease, their owner takes them to the veterinarian and save their lives.

So, this thing increases the lifespan of indoor cats. On the other hand, outdoor cats don’t get any treatment by a veterinarian until any rescue team come and rescue them.

In simple words, your pet cat lives and enjoys more than an outdoor cat. However, the average lifespan rate of an indoor cat is about 15 years.

2. Outdoor 

Outdoor cat lifespan is very low as compared to indoor cats. The average life rate of outdoor cats is approximately 5 years.

Outdoor cats face different diseases and there is no one to rescue them other than any rescue team. Cars hit a large number of cats on the roads.

In this way, most of the cats are being killed by just road accidents. On the other hand, these cats can’t get proper food and die because of starvation.

That’s why no outdoor cat can live more than 10 years.

3 Type Pet Cats Lifespan
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3. How To Increase Pet Cat Lifespan

Your house environment and treatment to your pet cat can influence its lifespan in a good or bad manner.

  • If you will give proper and pure food to your pet, your cat will have good health and can live up to its approximate lifespan.
  • You grooming quality will influence your cat’s lifespan. If you will groom your cat in the best manner, it will suffer no diseases and can live a long life.
  • When you will take your cat to any good veterinarian for a general check-up, it will unhide all the diseases or infections your cat have. So, in this way you can end up those diseases and make your cat live a long life.
  • Keep your cat indoors and do not let it go out alone. Otherwise, your cat could get into any kind of road accident. So, your cat will be safe inside the house.
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These were some of the points that could keep your cat’s lifespan at a high value. However, some cats suffer the major disease of kidney failure and couldn’t last more than few years.

Just keep your cat in front of your eyes. Keep your cat healthy. And quickly consult with any special veterinarian in any kind of strange thing you find in your pet.

Cats are very funny. They play with children and do hilarious things. They sleep in different funny style. These all scenes are very satisfying for owners.

These things entertain the whole family and give them pleasure. So, if you want to get yourself entertain then go for a pet cat.

There are a different kind of pets exist in the world. The cat is one of the pets which do not need too much maintenance. Just give them food, water and change litter box daily.


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