/5 Pet Cats Breeds Best To Have
5 Pet Cats Breeds Best To Have

5 Pet Cats Breeds Best To Have

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5 Pet Cats Breeds Best To Have. After dogs, cats are the most known animal used as a pet. People buy special breed cats for petting. Like dogs, cats also have a lot of breeds. Every different breed of cats has its own qualities and appearance.

There are many people in the world who own cat and dog both. Cats are very lovely and beautiful in appearance. Due to its beautiful face and actions, people like to have pet cats.

Cats are also like a funny friend of children. So, people prefer cats as a pet. However, there are large numbers of cat’s breeds. We will discuss some important cats breeds as we can’t cover all the breeds in a single article.

5 Pet Cats Breeds Best To Have is:

1. Persian Cats

Persian cats are the most beautiful cats among all the breeds. They have a beautiful face. Their whole body is covered with the long flowing hairs.

Their long hairs make them more special and beautiful as compare to other breeds. Their color could be different because of their parents. It is used widely as a pet all around the world.

On the other hand, this cat needs proper maintenance. You have to brush its hair after every two days. You have to take care of this cat properly. Secure environment makes these cats very friendly with the owners.

5 Pet Cats Breeds Best To Have
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2.Ragdoll cats

Ragdoll cats have a sane appearance of Persian cats. But these cat’s hair is little shorter as compare to Persian cats. This breed of cats loves its owners. It will follow you wherever you go.

It will talk to you in a sweet voice and play with you. After Persian cats, it is the most beautiful cat.

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3. Munchkin Cat

Munchkin cat is a breed of cats which is distinguished by its small legs. Yes, this type of cat contains very small legs as compared to all other breeds. They look very cute because their size is small.

However, this cat has still an ability to jump as high as a normal cat can do. So, its small legs just increase its beauty and do not affect its quality of fast running and high jumping.

4. British Shorthair Cats

This breed of the cats is the oldest British breed. It behaves friendly with the house members. It is active in playing and doing other activities.

These cats are just like a family member. They keep themselves equal to children and other pets. Their color could change as it depends on their parents.

5. Scottish Fold

Scottish fold is very unique cats inbreeds. Their size is small and their face is cute. Their ears are small as compare to other breed’s ears. In the younger age, their ear looks very straight.

When they get one year old, their ears appear to be folded. However, there could be some Scottish fold cats whose ears do not get folded. But whatever the thing is, these cats are a very lovable, friendly and great pet.

Domestic cats, Russian Blue, Siamese, Maine, Abyssinian, Norwegian Forest, Birman and a lot of different cat’s breeds are present in the world. Just buy those cats which you like the most.

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