/6 Reason Why Do Cats Purr
6 Reason Why Do Cats Purr

6 Reason Why Do Cats Purr

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6 Reason Why Do Cats Purr. When someone buys a cat, he/she gets used to the cat’s purr and meow. Owners of cat love to hear cat’s purr and meow.

When we make a sound or call or ask something, it means we have some issue or any kinds of feelings that we are expressing.

In the same way, cats do not purr without any reason. A lot of people ask why cats purr. Some people take cats purring a serious issue and some ignore these things.

However, Let us tell you the complete details about why cats purr and how cats purr.

How Cats Purr

Cats have do not purr with their month only. Cats purr with the help of rapid vibration of their body muscles. Their muscles move/vibrate in a fast way and this purring is produced due to this vibration. The vibration frequency rate of muscles is about 20 to 25 per second.

The purring sound is produced by the collision of air and vibrating muscles of cats. Let us tell you how air touches cats vibrating muscles. When cats breath, it actually intakes air.

So, this air goes inside the body of the cat and collides with the vibrating muscles. Thus, a purring sound is produced.

Purring could be of low sound and could be of high sound. It depends on cats muscles vibration and air intake.

6 Reason Why Do Cats Purr
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6 Reason Why Do Cats Purr is:

It is common that when human feels happiness they smile. When a dog feels happiness they move their tails.

And it is considered that when the cat feels happiness it purrs. However, this couldn’t be the reason all the time.

  1. Cat purrs when they feel good but not all the time.
  2. Cats purr when they feel little distress.
  3. Their emotional feelings could be the reason of too much purring.
  4. Sometimes, cats purr when they feel pain.
  5. Cats may also purr while giving birth to their kittens.
  6. However, it is also estimated that cats purring is helpful in their bones and muscle recovery. So, you don’t have to worry if your cat is purring.

However, cats sometimes combine their purring and meow voice. This voice is neither meow nor a purr. It sounds like a baby calling for attention. So, this voice is attention seeking a voice.

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Cats produce this sound to call or seek the attention of their owners to play or do love with them. Most of the owners love such combined purr and meow voice and respond same as they respond to their babies.

In a straightforward way, it is the nature of every cat to purr and meow. You will experience these sounds from your pet cat.

However, if your cat purrs too much or we can say that beyond the limits then you should consult with a veterinarian. On the other hand, normal purring is the cat’s habit and it’s not a matter to fear.

Keep your cat clean and happy. If you find any irrelevant behavior, never waste a single second in taking your cat to vet.


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