/6 Reason Why Pet Dogs Better Than Cats

6 Reason Why Pet Dogs Better Than Cats

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6 Reason Why Pet Dogs Better Than Cats. Dog and cat is a beautiful pet in their house. Pets could be in the form of Parrot, cats, goat or dogs etc. However, dogs and cats are the most famous and popular as a pet.

But in the same time, dogs and cats are at a great competition between each other. Some people say that cats are better than dogs and some people consider dogs better than cats.

So, if you are a dog lover then you will be happy to read this article but if you are a cat lover then you will surely start preferring dogs over cats as a pet.

Let us tell you some things/points which make pet dogs better than pet cats.


6 Reason Why Pet Dogs Better Than Cats:

1.Dogs try to understand

Yes, dogs almost follow you. It means that when you try to teach your dogs, they will try to learn. Dogs will respond to your every command. On the other hand, cats do not respond.

Cats don’t try to learn anything as compare to dogs. Cats always ignore the commands and do what they like. But dogs will be your true command follower.

2.Dogs response by seeing you

When you go to office or any other place out of your home, your pet dog waits for you. When you come back to your home, your pet dog gets happy by seeing you and start following you everywhere you go in the house.

However, cats do not treat you like the pet dogs when you come back to your home. So, pet cats keep ignoring you and do not show happiness after seeing you.

3.Unconditional Love

Dogs are lovely and friendly pet. They will love you without any condition. They will never go aggressive on you.

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However, cats will not show any unconditional love towards you. So, if you want to have a pet who always love you without any conditions, you should go for dog.

6 Reason Why Pet Dogs Better Than Cats
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4.Dogs response by calling them

When you call your dog name, they will run towards you and stand in front of you. In simple words, dog will listen to your commands and do whatever you will say.

On the other hand, when you will call pet cat, they will listen your voice but ignore you. They will not come to you and do not follow your instructions.

5.Dogs reaction over any problem around

If your house catches fire or any kind of thief break into your house, dogs will quickly wake you up or inform you. Your pet cat will never do the same reaction as dogs in such conditions.

Cats will sneak and run out to save its life. In simple words, you pet dog could act as security for you and your house.

6.Dogs can feel your feelings

Yes, that’s right. Dogs can easily feel your feelings. If you feel sad, dogs will feel it and start comforting or cheering you up in any way. However, your pet cat will never notice your feelings and will not care about your sadness or happiness.

So, if you want to have a good friend in the form of pet, you should buy a pet dog.


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