/6 Type Best Cats To Buy
6 Type Best Cats To Buy

6 Type Best Cats To Buy

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6 Type Best Cats To Buy. People always try to find best pet for their house. People have their family and children in their house. So, most of the people prefer friendly and lovable pets.

People don’t want to get in trouble by having aggressive pets. Dangerous and aggressive pets could damage house or hurt kids. So, all the families prefer to have a sweet, calm, friendly and playful cat.

So, if you are looking for friendly cat that fits your family and kids, watch the list mentioned below.

6 Type Best Cats To Buy For Kids And Family


Ragdoll is one of the sweetest breed of cats. It is very friendly. Its appearance is little bit similar to Persian cats. It loves people attention. It responds gently. If you will not pay attention, it will not mind. It loves to walk with owners or family members. It does not scratch people or kids skin. It could be your children lovely and sweet friend.

2.Exotic Shorthair

These cats have short hair as compare to Persian cat. This breed of cat is very soft and gentle. It only needs love. It plays with kids and all other family members. Its size is also small so it will fit with your children. You don’t worry about your children. This cat doesn’t harm anyone.

6 Type Best Cats To Buy
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3.Persian Cats

Persian cat is the most popular cat in the world. This breed is kept as pet. Persian cat is included in the list of friendliest cats. It has a calm, loving and friendly nature. It stays relaxed with their owners. They are totally harmless to any single person. This cat loves attention. So, if you have kid in your house then your kids will fulfill the need of attention. However, these cats wait for their owners to share some love.

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This breed of cat has interaction nature with people. It loves to interact and play with people. These cats don’t hesitate or shy from strangers. It interacts with all the family members living in the house. In simple words, this cat could become friend of whole family.

5.Maine Coon

Maine Coon is a breed of cats which likes to have multiple friends. They will be happy, if there will be dog or other cats in the house. They never force you to pay attention to them. However, they will never ignore your attention. They will love your attention and playing with you.


It is a breed which does not have any thick hair on its body. Its body skin is very clear. However, its appearance is not very beautiful but its nature is very friendly. It loves human attention. But you have to pay proper attention and do proper grooming of this cat. This cat is totally dependent on humans.

These were some of the best cats which have cool, beautiful, friendly and respectable attitude towards all the humans and specially owners. Therefore, you must choose from the following cats to buy as a pet. You will find these cats very friendly and lovable.


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